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Mary Tuthill Lindheim sold her work steadily throughout her career, but lived frugally and took care to keep many of her best pieces. Following her death of natural causes at age 92, a large body of sculpture and ceramics remained in her estate. Artworks by Mary Tuthill Lindheim reside in the permanent collections of Arizona State University Art Museum and Ceramics Center, Bolinas Museum, Crocker Art Museum, Mills College Art Museum, Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art (Utah State University), and the Oakland Museum of California.

Below is a sampling of Lindheim's works, all of which can be found in the book Mary Tuthill Lindheim: Art and Inspiration.

Architectural pot designed
for permanent planting, 1951
Clay, impressed surface
texture, gas-fired
9 x 19.25 x 14 in.
Photo by Martin Metal

Wine decanter, 1956
Porcelain, copper red glaze,
11.5 x 7 in.
Photo by Dietmar Krueger
Double-mouth vase,
c. 1964
Stoneware, thrown,
dipped and wiped glaze
5 x 3.75 in.
Photo by Will Taylor

Abstract bottle, c. 1966
Red clay, thrown, altered,
textured, feet added,
turquoise and black glazes
8 x 5.5 x 4 in.
Photo by Mary Lindheim
Tall flat-sided bottle
with lid, 1969
Stoneware, hand-built slab,
glazes brushed on
19 x 10 x 5.5 in.
Photo by Mary Lindheim

Recapitulation of the
, c. 1967
Painted wall panel with
stones, brass, magnesite
29.5 x 24.5 in.
Oakland Museum of California,
Mary Lindheim Collection
Photo by Drew Johnson

Desert Song #1
(a.k.a. Memory and Hope), 1950s
Wood, stones, pebbles, sand,
resin, acrylic paint
20.5 x 19.25 in.
Photo by Barrie Rokeach

Dream Cloud, c. 1993
Plastic, acrylic paint
25 x 31 in.
Photo by Will Taylor
Four Sacred Corners,
c. 1959/1991
Magnesite, stones, pebbles, brass rim
18 x 18 x 1.5 in.
Collection of Abby Wasserman
Photo by Barrie Rokeach

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