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Assemblages:  Working with pieces of wood, natural fibers, and diverse recycled objects, Abby’s assemblages feature circle and linear elements, and there's a distinctly Asian feel. Photographs of works made between 2008 and 2016, with materials used, are below.

Artist's Statement:
Years ago, while working at the Oakland Museum of California, I spent two days interviewing the late assemblage artist Noah Purifoy at his home in Joshua Tree. I was impressed with Noah's openness to let objects speak to him. He called his materials "junk" but clearly loved each and every one. There was nothing formulaic about his process; all was intuitive, with great intelligence and insatiable curiosity behind it. I remember the pleasure of watching Noah work. (The article can be found on this web site.)

I'm also a great admirer of the evocative, mysterious work of sculptor Martin Puryear. While Noah's work was frequently funky and not meant to last, Puryear's is crafted for the ages. The work of both artists is authentic, imaginative and courageous, just as I would like mine to be.

Abby Wasserman   
December 2008   

If you are interested in purchasing an artwork, contact Abby. Thirty percent of all sales goes to O'Hanlon Center for the Arts.
Voice, 2014. Embroidery hoop, plum twigs, engine part, wooden block, spool, paint
Homage to Frank Stella, 2016. Embroidery hoop, wood, wire, paint: NFS
Dharma Ladder, 2015. Embroidery hoop, wood, wire, paint
Her Whole Life Flashes Before Her Eyes, 2015. Embroidery hoop, rodent skull, wicker, horsehair, wire, paint
Homage to Dogen Zenji, 2015. Embroidery hoop, Japanese box, plum branches, stone, wood, dye-cut bell-pull, paint
Pawns, 2008. Cedar shingle, saké cups, chess pawns, black sand, mica
flakes, mattress vine, paint: SOLD

Shrine, 2008. Wood, tea-box lid, chess piece, mattress vine, stone, watch, dragonfly, fragments of a Chinese painting on paper, photographs, paint
Dream Catcher, 2008. Table-leg assembly, hoop, hourglass box, willow,
mattress vine, paint: SOLD
Meditation, 2008. Wood, piece of apple branch, hoop, veneer samples,
kelp, mirror, lichen, paint, copper wire, dowels, nail
Pins, 2008. Wooden recipe box lid, clothes pins, bamboo skewers, paint: SOLD
Unspooling, 2008. Wood base from a candle lamp, shims, spool, vine
War Wheel, 2008. Wheel, mattress vine, ribbon, bell, paint, wax, ink,
copper wire: NFS

Runes, 2008. Table-leg assembly, apple branch, wooden alphabet letters,
tongue depressors, old Turkish forged-iron tool (from Ben Parker),
deconstructed hoop, wishbones, thread, bolt, paint
Clockwise from left: Lele, Drum, and Giftas (Marriage).
Drum, 2006. Hoop, slats, Japanese paper, calligraphy, twigs, thread, paint
Lele, 2006. Hoop, lacquered box, slats, branches, Steinway key, glass piece, thread, miniature vase: NFS
Giftas (Married), 2008. Hoop, slats, parts of a Japanese candle lamp,
calligraphy from a popular novel, lichen, paint: NFS
Framed, 2007. Wood, hoop, candle lamp parts, straw, thread, paint

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